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For every mood, we make something that mirrors your mood.

Spring & Summer are usually the times when we break out the new swimwear to wear at the beach or at the pool. We have the perfect gear for such an occasion.Step out in one of our 2 piece reversible binkin’s or a pair of shorts for the men.Whatever you choose, you will stand out and be the talk of the moment. So make your summer a Flaulis one by clicking the button below


Who we are

We are a one two person company who’s vision is to inspire the world to embrace themselves and become the best version of themselves. We believe that best version is Flaulis and we aim to put that best version on display through our unique designs and quality fabric.In the end there would be no doubt that your energy and the best version of our customers inner self will show each day.

Our Mission

We aim to change how fashion is felt.So far we have employed ready to order services to bring our vision to life for most of our items.Our Limited Edition Items are all hand sewn and uses embroidery to give a long lasting and great looking outfit that you will be happy to add to your arsenal of fashion.

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The Most Flaulis Man in the World

GAP Hoodie


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Stay Flaulis Thong Jewelry


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2 PC Monogram Reversible Bikini


Lets See If The Beach Can Handle You In This?

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God Aint Petty


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Duffle bag


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We go for high quality products, because that’s what your body deserves.

– Jeremy Sygh-

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